Now, I’m not surprised

Map of Syria and the flag.
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Major trigger warning: terrorism, brutal violence, homophobia.

In the aftermath of the Manchester bombing, even the fiercest critics of Islam said that the massacre was a “new low” for the terrorists.

A new low? I’m not so sure. According to an article in The Times, republished by The Australian:

The man looked at two photos of his son. In one, 14 – year – old Musab stood on a rooftop, blindfolded, his hands tied behind him, pushing back against the three  – Islamic State fighters holding his arms. In the second, the teenager was falling.

“Those were the last images I ever saw of my son alive”, said Mohammed Hussain Zer, 47, a taxi driver from Raqqa, closing his eyes at the memory of the photographs. I bought them from a member of the Daesh (Islamic State) I know as I wanted to understand exactly what had happened. Without those photos, I just couldn’t accept it”.

He hung his head. Every day since Musab, his only son, was thrown from a roof, accused of Islamic State of being a homosexual and a drug taker, Mr Zer said he had thought of revenge.

Yet, there was little chance in Raqqa for a middle – aged man with a heart condition to avenge himself against Islamic State. Consumed by grief and rage, Mr. Zer escaped from the city with his wife and three daughters.

Now he lives in a camp for the displaced in Ain Issa, waiting for the day when Raqqa is finally liberated by the Syrian Democratic forces so that he can guide younger men with guns to the homes of those former neighbours he knew joined Islamic State.

“Musab was just 14 – years – old, and innocent, but they threw him from a roof, saying he was a man that deserved to die”, Mr Zer said. “An innocent boy, killed by the drug dealers, the jailbirds and criminals in the Daesh.

“The moment Raqqa falls, I will lead the SDF to the apartment of every man I know who was a member of the Daesh. That is what I live for”.

(Loyd, Anthony; The Times, May 16, 2017, Times Limited Copyright 2017.

You can read the rest of the article either on The Times or The Australian if you want. It’s gruesome. I just wanted to expose the pigs that even execute kids for allegedly being gay. Musab may not have even known whether he was or wasn’t, but that’s beside the point! Islamic State do murder kids. It’s just sickening!

Kudos to Anthony Loyd from The Times for writing this and for The Australian for republishing it. Also, good on Herald Sun columnist Rita Panahi for having a link on her Facebook page exposing this barbarity. It needs to be called out.

Also, in regard to refugees, kids like Musab need to be the first on the list to be rescued so this can’t happen again. But that’s for another post.


For any Australians who found any of this content distressing, call: Lifeline 13 11 14. For people in other countries, feel free to leave any contact details below.