My name is Sara. I’m a blogger passionate about many things. I’ve been blogging for over three years. I’m currently doing a course in professional writing and editing (Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing). I hope that the course will make me better at writing/ blogging.

This site is a fusion of my other blogs – Asexuality in A Sexual World, News Views and Ramblings and PowerGirrrl. So, it’s a mixture of commentary on current events and news stories, LGBTQ+ rights and issues affecting women. There may be some random posts as well – about books, TV shows and music.


I really hope you enjoy your time while you read this blog. Feel free to comment with your thoughts about the posts and start conversations with other readers. Don’t be shy! All I ask is that you remain respectful to me and other readers. Unnecessarily rude comme ts won’t be published and if rude comments are consistent, I’ll have you banned. Other than that, all are welcome.